Just to whet your appetite, here are a few festivals to look out for in the area:

European Ceramics Market at Giroussens in June 
Cordes-sur-Ciel Chamber Music Festival – Musique sur Ciel – in July: 
The Festival de Lotus, Jardins des Martels, Giroussens, beginning of July
Albi Organ Festival throughout July and August (and other concerts throughout the year) 
Lautrec Garlic Festival – Ail Rose de Lautrec, first weekend of August
Gaillac Wine festival – Fete des Vins, second weekend in August
La Ronde des Primeurs the third Sunday in November
Gaillac Organic Wine Festival – Le Petit Salon des Vins Bios, beginning of December

A small market selling local produce is held in the main square in Cahuzac every Wednesday morning and includes an organic fruit and veg stall. Gaillac Market every Friday morning. Cahuzac has its Fete de Vendange in October and a huge Vide Grenier (car boot sale) that takes over the entire village on the Sunday of the village festival in the middle of July.


This is just scraping the surface. Consult the links page for further links to information on events and activities.

Some dates for your diary 

Pause Guitare – Albi:  6–18 July


Les Apéros Concerts – Cestayrols: Thursdays from 8 July to 26 August


Balades entre le chien et le loup (evening walks): 6, 15, 21 July,  4 – 11 August


Cahuzac sur Vère en fête:  10–11 July ; Marche Gourmand et Festif: 22 July, 12 August


Marché Céramique Contemporaine Giroussens : 10–11 July

Architecture et Musique, Château de Mayragues: 11 July


Apéritifs Fermiers chez les Vignerons: Tuesdays from 13 July to 24 August


Chamber Music Festival – Cordes sur Ciel: 16–22 July


Fête des Vins –  Gaillac: 6–8 August


Fete de l’ail Rose de Lautrec – Lautrec: 6–7 August